Guardians of the Everglades®

To introduce the public to the fragile beauty of the Everglades and its unique ecosystem; to honor today’s leadership in conservation and restoration through great art and compelling human stories; and to encourage the public and policy makers to participate in the protection of the Everglades.

ORO Editions Joins the Guardians of the Everglades® Team

Internationally recognized and award-winning publisher ORO Editions to produce a unique art, conservation, and human interaction art book with Guardians of the Everglades®.


ORO Editions is an internationally recognized, award-winning publishing firm specializing in the design, production, marketing and distribution of bespoke art, architecture, design and photography related books. ORO’s team of design professionals works closely with clients to create works of timeless beauty and lasting value, which is what Guardians of the Everglades® requires.

Nicholas and Connie discovered ORO books while exploring top-quality art museums. ORO books celebrate the art of storytelling and the craft of bookmaking. ORO believes in the power of words and images to inspire. Great design books are treasured and live on to spark design innovation and shape human experience and understanding of the world. Every book published by ORO is a unique expression and a tribute to the finest creative minds of our time.

ORO Editions has published over 150 distinctive titles since the imprint launched, with over 60 titles produced in the last three years, establishing itself as a leader in the design book market. The company is recognized for producing high concept books that are prized as objets d’art, balancing powerful content and bold visual presentation.

A new imprint under ORO Editions, GOFF BOOKS, was launched in 2013. Building on the foundation of ORO’s principles, GOFF BOOKS’ objective is to inspire, challenge, and entertain the heart, soul, mind and senses. From breathtaking photography to lifestyle topics, from chic fashion to cutting-edge graphic fiction, GOFF BOOKS features stimulating insight to the world of pop-culture and visual literature. The artistic foundation of each book project drives the imprint’s inventive production process—like ORO, GOFF BOOKS presents vivid imagery that illuminates original content to create engaging reader experiences.

Dedicated to the craft of superlative bookmaking, ORO’s mission is to work with clients to create exceptional publications that express a unique spirit, showcase creativity and thought leadership, and tell compelling stories. The Guardians of the Everglades® project is in that category of artistic leadership.

Partnering with the Guardians of the Everglades® team, ORO provides world-class graphic design, strives for editorial excellence, and adheres to the finest quality printing and production standards. Each book should bring to readers a unique aesthetic and tactile experience while enhancing the global visibility of clients and their creative work.

The small-scale nature of ORO’s operation allows it to remain flexible and responsive to each client’s vision and the evolving nature of each project. ORO  takes a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to the design process, from research and content creation through design, production, marketing and distribution to wholesale and retail points of sale, focusing on careful planning, responsiveness and a strong work ethic to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

Based in San Francisco and with publishing, editorial, and production offices in New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore, ORO is well positioned to work closely with clients and to ensure that publications reach the widest possible audience. ORO’s award-winning collection of books is distributed worldwide through its global distribution network.

ORO Editions has won numerous industry awards, including the Literary Marketplace Manufacturer of the Year Award – RR Bowker, Gold Ink Awards for multiple titles, Graphic Arts Awards and Bookbuilders Awards.


Gordon Goff, Publisher, lauded as one of the most successful publishers of the century in the art and design book world.

The Guardians of the Everglades® book will be modeled on ORO publications’ Light in Nature.”  Other similar ORO publications are “Mongolia’s Nomads,” and “Paul Chesley: A Photographic Voyage.”  

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