Guardians of the Everglades®

To introduce the public to the fragile beauty of the Everglades and its unique ecosystem; to honor today’s leadership in conservation and restoration through great art and compelling human stories; and to encourage the public and policy makers to participate in the protection of the Everglades.


Project Details

The Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades are a complex system of interdependent ecosystems.  Home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, it is one of only three wetland areas in the world to be recognized as having global importance.

The Everglades are subtropical wetlands in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida, comprising the southern half of a large watershed. The system begins near Orlando with the Kissimmee River, which discharges into the vast but shallow Lake Okeechobee. Water leaving the lake in the wet season forms a slow-moving river 60 miles (97 km) wide and over 100 miles (160 km) long, flowing southward across a limestone shelf to Florida Bay at the southern end of the state. The Everglades are shaped by water and fire, experiencing frequent flooding in the wet season and drought in the dry season. In her famous book, The Everglades: River of Grass, published in 1947, writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas popularized the term "River of Grass" to describe the sawgrass marshes, part of a complex system of interdependent ecosystems that include cypress swamps, the estuarine mangrove forests of the Ten Thousand Islands, tropical hardwood hammocks, pine rockland, and the marine environment of Florida Bay.  The last chapter was titled, "The Eleventh Hour" and warned that the Everglades were dying, although it could be reversed.

National and international attention turned to the environment in the 1970s, and UNESCO and the Ramsar Convention designated the Everglades as one of only three wetland areas of global importance. Restoration began in the 1980’s and continues today.

Connie and Sandy filming Deb Jansen at Big Cypress. Omer standing by. ©Connie Bransilver   

Connie and Sandy filming Deb Jansen at Big Cypress. Omer standing by. ©Connie Bransilver


The Documentary Film

The documentary film, Guardians of the Everglades, will be produced and directed by the award winning documentary filmmaking team of Chris Palmer and Sandy Cannon-Brown.  Chris Palmer is one of the most celebrated wildlife and environmental  filmmakers of our time whose credits include two Emmys and an Oscar  nomination. Sandy Cannon-Brown has won numerous awards for writing,  producing and directing programs that educate, inspire and enlighten.   Both Chris and Sandy teach at American University’s Center for  Environmental Filmmaking where Chris has been Director and Sandy has  been Associate Director since 2005.

A  coffee-table book, due in 2014, published through ORO Editions, will  be for sale at the exhibitions, lectures and in addition, a Deluxe Boxed  Edition will be given to each of the three major sponsors. A portion of  the profits from book sales will be divided equally among the  non-profit organizations named by the Guardians.

In  development is a brochure providing contacts for non-profit  organizations named by each of the Guardians so that interested parties  can donate and become involved in Everglades conservation in honor of an  individual Guardian or in honor of all the Guardians of the Everglades.

While Nicholas Petrucci completes the Guardian portraits,preview exhibitions are currently underway.

Preview exhibitions have been successfully mounted at

  • Museum of Florida Art and Culture, Avon Park, December 2011 - January 2012
  • Museum of the Everglades, Everglades City, February 2012
  • Everglades National Park Coe Visitors’ Center, March 2012
  • Deering Estate at Cutler, Miami, November 2012 - January 2013
Other  venues are under consideration in Florida and throughout the country.  Landau Traveling Exhibitions has agreed to tour the exhibition.

From September 2013 the exhibit will begin a three year, multi-state tour. Twelve  to fourteen tour stops are anticipated throughout the country, giving  sponsors national exposure in major markets.  The highly respected firm  of Landau Traveling Exhibitions will coordinate the multi-media exhibit,  contract with museums and public institutions across the country and  handle logistics for the traveling show.

In  addition to associating your company with environmental awareness and  preservation and classical fine portrait painting and photographic art,  additional opportunities exist with educational experiences and  documentary screenings for schools and universities nationwide.  The  documentary will be submitted to film festivals across the country and  in Europe and  will be screened daily at each exhibition tour stop.  The filmmakers  and artists have close ties with National Geographic and Public  Broadcasting and there is a strong probability that the documentary will  be shown on Cable Broadcasting channels and/or PBS. The film will be  submitted to major film festivals including the Washington, DC,  Environmental Film Festival, Wildscreen in England, Miami International  Film Festival, International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana, The  Hamptons International Film Festival as well as Sundance, Telluride and  others.

An  educational webinar and virtual museum will be produced by Greeneskye,  Inc. to meet Florida state educational standards for teachers of Middle  School and above. The on-line educational component will provide:

  • Profiles of all Guardians
  • Meet the Artists - Everglades heroes and the ecosystem through the eyes of the artist
  • Virtual exhibition tour including additional click-through information for images
  • Audio of the artists talking bout their approaches

In  addition to associating your company with environmental awareness and  preservation, additional opportunities exist with educational  experiences and documentary screenings for schools and universities  nationwide.

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