Guardians of the Everglades®

To introduce the public to the fragile beauty of the Everglades and its unique ecosystem; to honor today’s leadership in conservation and restoration through great art and compelling human stories; and to encourage the public and policy makers to participate in the protection of the Everglades.

Art for Conservation


5 - 7 pm
1719 Trade Center Way, #3
Naples, FL 34109

Look for the slide projections on the front wall of the studio.
Check out the Scout Guide video from December Arts Alive on Facebook

You can see the next Guardian portrait in progress - Roy McBride & Chili.



Special Guest, LEA BORKENHAGEN, PH. D. Fulbright Scholar, Cote d’Ivoire
Join us in French or English

Baby Gator - Fragility of Endangered Species ©ConnieBransilver

Baby Gator - Fragility of Endangered Species ©ConnieBransilver



As most of you know, I am a Senior Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. We just created 1Frame4Nature to share our dedication to conservation and to encourage everyone to participate.  Our letter states, in part,

“We are all connected. The water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat unite us in caring for our world.

“The Fellows of the International League of Conservation Photographers are dedicated to furthering conservation and the health of nature through their photography.  They do so by sharing their pictures and stories of what they hold most dear - their connections to the land, water, wildlife, and all of nature for the nourishment of both our bodies and spirits.

“1Frame4Nature (1F4N) is an iLCP led campaign that aims to use our Fellows’ images and stories to encourage online audiences, the general public, to share their images and stories of their own personal connection to nature.”

Share your #1Frame4Nature images and stories here! and while you are on the site, check out my images about climate change and its potential effect on south Florida. Climate Change Is Real. 

Aerial of Florida Bay ©Connie Bransilver

Aerial of Florida Bay ©Connie Bransilver

Eye of the Dolphin ©Connie Bransilver

Eye of the Dolphin ©Connie Bransilver



I did along with about 3,000 of my brothers and sisters in Naples.  Comment here or on my FB page about what the march means to you.

At the march ©Connie Bransilver

Selfie at the March ©Connie Bransilver

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