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East or West or Wherever - You Are Invited

April 9th in LA -

Connie’s work has been selected to be part of the special Slideshow Event for the current exhibition Sink Or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. Images will be projected onto 7x14 foot screens at the opening event. Please let us know if you want to be placed on the guest list.

Date: Thursday, April 9th, 2015
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Annenberg Space for Photography
2000 Ave of the Stars #10
Los Angeles, CA. 90067 

Connie’s 30 images of Asia and Florida accommodating to climate change can then be seen as a slide show on the Annenberg web site.

Annenberg - Miami, Florida ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Miami, Florida ©Connie Bransilver


The Face of Hunger, India ©Connie Bransilver


April 10th in Tampa -

Connie will kick off the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout with a keynote address asking “Why? What Are You Saying with Your Photos?”  Assuming the audience knows -- or will know -- HOW, she will ask about communication skills on many levels -- and challenge the audience to ask themselves how to tell their story most effectively.  There is still time to sign up at

Tampa Shootout - Redbuds after Eliot Porter ©Connie Bransilver


Tampa Shootout - Wildfire ©Connie Bransilver


“What Are You Buying?”
adapted from Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Publisher B. Eric Rhoads asks why an artwork by one artist is priced so much higher (or lower) than an equally rendered work by another?  Perhaps it is effective marketing of the artist’s “brand.” Perhaps it is trust in the artist’s quality, importance of his/her work, or consistency.  What are you paying for in a work?  He suggests it might be Malcolm Gladwell’s “tipping point,” which is, of course, the artist’s experience -- 10,000 hours -- and skill as well as his/her personality and passion.  Rhoads says, “Artists are still a special breed, and we must support them if our culture is to endure.” It comes down to this in purchasing or collecting: buy what you like, what stimulates awe or delights you.

African Mona Lisa, Her Honor Mrs. H. A. Balogun ©Nicholas Petrucci


Original Sin - Kiersten Mooney ©Nicholas Petrucci


Just for fun - Gladesmen & Gospel Music
for Copeland Baptist Church

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