Guardians of the Everglades®

To introduce the public to the fragile beauty of the Everglades and its unique ecosystem; to honor today’s leadership in conservation and restoration through great art and compelling human stories; and to encourage the public and policy makers to participate in the protection of the Everglades.

Warm Holiday Wishes from Nicholas & Connie

May we continue to live in interesting times.

May this season bring you peace and light, and may you, as we have, embrace change.  In this tumultuous year we have created a studio and showroom which has been described as “unique” and, in a word, “WOW!”  We welcome visitors Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 - 7:00, or call to set up an appointment.  We would love to see you!  1719 Trade Center Way, #3, Naples, FL 34109. 239-405-2010.

We have also sold our Bay Pointe Gulf and Clam Bay facing condo and downsized to the Jacaranda two miles south in Park Shore. We gain a real garden and quiet.  Can’t wait till March when the huge Jacaranda tree erupts in lavender-blue reminding me of Tana and Nairobi in the spring.  I have sought out moments to view this tree in bloom and now all we have to do is look up.  New address:  4092 Belair Ln, #3, Naples, FL 34103.

Guardians of the Everglades® is negotiating a permanent home for the exhibition when it is complete, focusing on the power of leadership.

We are also planning to host several parties during “Season” in Naples -- that is, when all the seasonal visitors are here, January - March.  Let us know if you would like an invitation.

From the Sunshine State, we wish you an “interesting life,” however you define it, and the warmth of family and friends.

Connie and Nicholas

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