Guardians of the Everglades®

To introduce the public to the fragile beauty of the Everglades and its unique ecosystem; to honor today’s leadership in conservation and restoration through great art and compelling human stories; and to encourage the public and policy makers to participate in the protection of the Everglades.

Great News!

NEW RIVER FINE ART of Fort Lauderdale and Naples, one of South Florida's  oldest and  most prestigious fine art galleries, is now Nicholas'  exclusive  representative for portraits.  New River, long the premier  source for  masterworks and fine contemporary paintings, added a new  dimension with  Nicholas Petrucci's portraits.  "I am honored and pleased to work with owner, Lisa Burgess, and her staff to serve this elite segment of the art community," said Nicholas.  "Please contact Lisa for more information."

"We've  been looking for a portrait artist whose quality of work  is up to the  high standards expected by our discerning clientele," states New River Fine Art's owner Lisa Burgess, "Nicholas   Petrucci has the rare combination of passion, talent and technique  that  is required for great portraiture that withstands the test of  time.  We  welcome Nicholas to the New River family."

Chairman Buffalo Tiger of the Miccosukee - ©Nicholas Petrucci

CHAIRMAN BUFFALO TIGER OF THE MICCOSUKEE, the second Guardian of the Everglades®, is posted on this website and   It is an incredible honor to be entrusted with the portrait of this  great  man who was born into the traditional Miccosukee culture of  living  entirely but lightly off the bounty of the Everglades  and then  leading  his tribe into an accommodation with the invasive white man's  20th  Century world.  Mike Grunwald quotes Buffalo in The Swamp: "The  Breathmaker made the Everglades. . .all we needed. White people messed  it up, so we couldn't live with nature anymore."  Grunwald is direct:  "The  Everglades saved their ancestors, and they have helped to return  the  favor. [T]he tribe has replaced the U.S. government as the defender  of  Everglades. . .  " As 91 year old Buffalo stands aside, his son,   Lee Tiger, is hoping to use the portrait as a starting point in   reinvigorating young peoples' pride in their Miccosukee culture. 

Father Michael - ©Nicholas Petrucci


The portrait of Father Michael Basden of Trinity was installed in the Library in June.


NICHOLAS FEATURED IN PREMIER PRINT ISSUE OF 239SPOT, the "With it" Where To Go and What To Do online and print magazine  for  southwest Florida.  Editor Lisa Pavy "spotted" and interviewed  Nicholas  at Art Naples Contemporary Art Fair in March. - Click to page 10 - 14.

Bee Swarm Orchid Banner 8x4 ft ©Connie Bransilver

Clamshell Orchid Banner 8x4 ft ©Connie Bransilver

Delicate Iionopsis Banner 8x4 ft ©Connie Bransilver


Several  of Connie's native orchid banners will be installed at the  Naples  Orchid Society meeting July 7th.  Each of ten native Florida  orchids  printed on diaphanous silk-like fabric represent the ephemeral  nature of  these jewels of the Everglades. The ten banners will be part  of the  Guardians of the Everglades® exhibition in museums starting this   December. Each one is 8 x 4 feet, and can be ordered at this size ($1,200) or  several smaller sizes.  Connie's GHOST CLASSIC image was selected as the  poster, medal and logo for the Naples Orchid  Society's 50th  anniversary next year and will be on display as well.


ARTIST COACH ALETTA DE WAL recorded an extensive interview with Nicholas.  She leads with   "Nicholas Petrucci  Brings Back the Jeweled Portraiture of the Masters,"   as she explores what inspires and motivates Nicholas.  Listen or read   at "Aletta has opened doors and inspired us both, and we so appreciate her experienced coaching." 



Nicholas  and Connie spent ten wonderful days in El Salvador with a  return, and  longer, visit scheduled for October. We managed to visit a  UNESCO World  Heritage site, Joya de Ceren, 1300 BC village buried by  volcanic ash,  like Pompeii, and also many Mayan villages in the  mountains.  The warm,  spiritual people were the highlight.  Enjoy a few  images below. More at Facebook.

First Communion - ©Connie Bransilver

Mayan Hands, Pinto Beans - ©Connie Bransilver

Motmot - ©Connie Bransilver

UNESCO World Heritage - Joya de Ceren-Sauna - ©Connie Bransilver

Wildfire Fakahatchee - ©Connie Bransilver

GULF SHORE LIFE FEATURES "WILDFIRE"  on the back page to illustrate its feature article on South Florida's wildfires in the August issue.

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